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How to Take Ring Size?

There are several methods of determining your own ring size:

1. Choose a ring that fits correctly and measure the inside diameter of the ring. The inside diameter is the distance from the widest point of the ring to the other side. Take the measurement in millimeters.

2. Take a piece of string or paper strip and wrap it around your finger. Mark the point where the two ends meet.

3. Determine the CIRCUMSTANCE of your finger by measuring the string or paper with a ruler. Take the measurement in millimeters.

4. Match the inner diameter or circumference you obtained to the ring size conversion chart. If the ring falls between two sizes, we usually recommend choosing the larger one.

Pay attention to the following tips when determining your ring size:

1. Your finger size can change during the day, so it's a good idea to take the measurement at the end of the day. It is important to measure when your fingers are the largest. Do not take measurements with cold hands; with cold hands, your fingers may be at least half a size smaller.

2. Rings with a particularly thick strip may feel tighter than a thin strip. In these cases, we recommend purchasing a ring one full size larger than your normal ring size.

3. Your ring should fit comfortably on your finger. Of course, it should be tight enough not to fall off, but also loose enough to pass through your joint.

4. If you are buying a gift, the best (but not always the easiest) method is to borrow the ring on the appropriate finger of the recipient and determine the size using the ring gauge guide above.